Guoman She

Assistant Professor of Accounting

The University of Hong Kong

Research Interests:

Disclosure, Accounting Regulation, Industrial Organization and Supply Chain Risk

Contact Information:


Firm Boundaries and Voluntary Disclosure (with Thomas Bourveau, John Kepler, and Lynn Linghuan Wang)

Learning from Peers: Evidence from Disclosure of Customer Complaints (with Yiwei DouMingyi Hung, and Lynn Linghuan Wang)

The Real Effects of Mandatory Nonfinancial Disclosure: Evidence from Supply Chain Transparency (Dissertation)

Corporate Disclosure as a Tacit Coordination Mechanism: Evidence from Cartel Enforcement Regulations (with Thomas Bourveau and Alminas Zaldokas)

Judging a Book by Its Cover: The Influence of Physical Attractiveness on the Promotion of Regional Leaders (with Leng Ling and Danglun Luo)

Working Papers

Dynamic Collusion, Vertical Competition, and Systematic Risk (with K.C. John Wei and Haifeng You)

Government Procurement and Corporate Commitment to Climate Change (with Omri Even-Tov, Lynn Linghuan Wang, and Detian Yang)

Contract Contingency, Uncertainty, and Firm Performance (with Kaiwai Hui, Jun Oh, and Eric Yeung)

ESG Shocks in Global Supply Chains (with Emilio Bisetti and Alminas Zaldokas)

Shareholder Value Implications of Supply Chain ESG Risk Management: Evidence from Negative Incidents (with Xuanpu Lin, Aaron Yoon, Haoran Zhu)

The Politics of Implementing Bank Reporting Regulation: Evidence from China (with Mingyi Hung, Yi Ru, and Lynn Linghuan Wang)

Interfirm Collaboration and Accounting Comparability Evidence from Supply Chains (with Kaiwai Hui and Juanting Wang)